What does kizomba mean to me?

The first two things that come to my mind are harmony and tranquillity. It feels like arriving home after a long journey and get some rest finally. When I start dancing kizomba it is like entering another world. I close the external world out, leave all thoughts behind, and the only thing I focus on is my partner. In kizomba you can not wear a mask, everyone opens him(her)self and trusts his/her partner unconditionally. I could best compare it to a really honest hug that comes from the heart. It is like you gave a piece of your soul to your partner and receive the same back. It teaches to have self confidence, trust your partner, feel, give and accept.

Kizomba and me

I got known this beautiful genre thanks to Tamás Nagy and Veronika Farkas in the spring of 2012 and it carried me away immediately.

I attended several international workshops where I could learn from well-known artists of kizomba (Petchu és Vanessa, Helio Santos, João N. Rocha). Of course this never stops, we train ourselves continuously at home and internationally as well. We received, and still received a lot of help from Tamás and Veronika which we are really grateful for!

I hope I can pass the unique style of kizomba to many people, and also the feeling that this dance is about. A great hug to Everyone!